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It's Never Too Late To Start At The Beginning

KPFA Miller Knox Richmond Taste of Ethiopia

I've wanted to write a blog for forever - it seems like I was always too busy running my business to actually sit down and write out my thoughts. This year, I made an agreement with myself to scale back a little, enjoy life more, enjoy creating more - to get back to the things that make me happy, the things that translate to both a successful life and a thriving business. Writing this blog, I think, will be a big part of that. 

Last year I got engaged (!) and moved to Richmond, CA after living in Oakland for 10+ years. I really like it here. Richmond is a diverse, working class town in Contra Costa County with a lot of hidden gems: the old Ford Factory, where the KPFA Crafts Fair is now held twice a year


the serenely beautiful and mellow Miller Knox Regional Park where I take Buck for walks


and Taste of Ethiopia, an insanely good new restaurant that is technically located in El Cerrito, but who's counting?

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