Nia Tote - Purple

Nia Tote - Purple

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I worked with a cooperative of Zapotec weavers in a small town outside of Oaxaca (in Mexico), called Miáhuatlan, to make these bags. Each bag takes up to two days to create, and they are made with high quality recycled plastic - it will last you forever! I bought my first Oaxaca tote in 1998 and I still love it. The Maven Collection is an homage to the original bag I bought 21 years ago.

To create this tote, the weavers used a firm, thin, flat plastic strip, combining colors and techniques to achieve these unique patterns - this style is the perfect farmers market bag, weekender tote, beach or laptop bag. Other than its complicated construction, this tote is pretty straightforward. This tote takes 2 days to weave and assemble at the weaver's workshop in Oaxaca.

This bag is purple, and  measures 30cm x 34cm (11' x 13") with an over the shoulder - length strap. 

Proceeds from your purchase aids in the development of artisan communities in Mexico.