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Te Amo Mucho Face Mask
Te Amo Mucho Face Mask
Te Amo Mucho Face Mask
Te Amo Mucho Face Mask
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Te Amo Mucho Face Mask

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Most of us are new to this mask wearing thing - its important, but frankly, it can be kind of uncomfortable. They can feel restricting, kind of claustrophobic...but not with these awesome masks! They are generously cut to comfortably cover your nose and mouth without feeling too restrictive, with built-in 'vents' on the sides to let fresh air in. The elastic loops don't tug on your ears - and, if you'd like the elastics a little more snug, you can tie knots in them to shorten. This is a mask you can wear all day without futzing with it - which is the whole point (to not touch your face!) Plus, they come in insanely cute patterns, they're reversible, and they have a pocket in the middle where you can add a filter for an additional layer of protection. I love these!

Made from 100% breathable cotton, handmade in the SF Bay Area with easy to use mounting elastic ear loops. Our face masks are comfortable, washable and reusable - these unisex masks are great for adults, both young and old. Plus, they come in cute packaging!

Here's what folks are saying about our masks:

"hi there! I received my mask today and I LOVE it!!!! thank you so much made our day =)" S.S., Maryland

"I just picked it up at the post office and opened it right there. I am so tired of wearing shop towels! They work, but they are fairly ugly. Your mask is beautiful! I cut a strip of shop towel and put it in the pocket for extra filtering. Thank you so much! I am proud to wear such a well-made and attractive mask." J.B., California

'I cannot express how amazing your masks are. Crafted with detail, fabric is beautiful, packaged perfect, and instructions included with detailed information on filtering! Fast shipping. Much LOVE!' C.R.S., California

Mask Features:

Pocket for filter
Hand or Machine Washable
3 layers of protection including filter
100% cotton inner lining for breathability

The masks are made from 100% premium cotton fabric, with space in the middle for filters - our masks ship with a DIY paper filter, and we include instructions and tips on other easy DIY replacement filter ideas with every mask we ship.

Our masks are in stock and ready to go! Orders placed before 3p.m. Pacific Standard Time ship the same day. Want to see the other great masks we offer? Click here:

How Did We Choose Which Fabric to Use?

According to various sources, the more tightly woven a fabric is, the better filtration it presumably has. Examples are cotton, heavy cotton, linen and tweed (tightly woven wool). We use 100% cotton in our masks.

*** Please do not wear cloth masks without cleaning them first. It is best to have a few cloth masks so that you have masks to wear while others are drying. Make sure to thoroughly dry your mask before wearing it as wet/damp masks aren't as effective at filtration.

There are multiple ways to sanitize your cloth mask:

• Place your mask in soap water, soak it for one minute, wash, rinse and hang to dry (the best method to insure your mask lasts a long time)
• Put your mask in boiling water for 5 minutes, then hang to dry (This will degrade the quality of your cloth mask over time and should not be done more than 10 times)
• Wash in washing machine with detergent and dry in dryer with high heat

****Although these face masks are not medical grade, they do provide protection. If you are required to use medical grade filter masks , please obtain the appropriate medical devices (e.g. N95 masks). Please stay safe and healthy - we are not medical professionals, so please do your own research on best practices for safety. After it was recommended that Americans wear face masks in public, we started making cloth masks for our community to sustain our business and help slow the spread and flatten the curve. Thank you for doing your part and valuing the health of our community with your reusable mask purchase!

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