Meet Adjowah, the owner of The Weekend Store

I have always taken pride in being a great gift-giver.

Instead of gifting something simply nice, or expensive, or trendy - I learned to take note of the little things people say, notice the colors they gravitate toward, the icons they love - and then gift them with items that reflect who they truly are. Over the years, I became a really good gift giver.

The Weekend Store was born from a deep desire to provide not just a good gift, but the perfect gift. Over the years our collection has grown from typewriter key jewelry to an extensive selection of thoughtfully curated pieces crafted by our in-house production team. The Weekend Store offers a progressively designed, hand-made collection of exceptional home goods, clothing, and accessories for people who celebrate individuality, champion social justice, and appreciate wit.

 Every design we carry incorporates elements of innovation & creativity. Our collection includes gifts that:

Serve a purpose

Center feminists, BIPOC, and LGBT+ communities

Are handmade with incomparable craftsmanship

Use unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials


Thanks for checking us out!