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I've always been crafty. Although my family encouraged me to be scholarly, I was attracted to the arts, to thinking, dreaming, creating.

When I lived in Burlington, Vermont many years ago, a friend owned a shop across the lake called The Store in Essex. It had such a plain name, but it was the most beautifully appointed, well edited shop I'd ever seen. Later, when I moved back to San Francisco, there was an antique store I'd pass on Valencia Street every day that was only open on the weekends. It was so cool - I could see all the great things they had for sale through the window - and I'd think to myself "That's kinda awesome they're only open when they really want to be". So, I combined both elements of the two shops I admired, and came up with The Weekend Store.

My line has evolved over the years, from beaded earrings to typewriter key jewelry to my current line, small housewares and accessories made with mid 20th century maps. I totally love what I do. I am humbled and grateful that I get to make my living by creating meaningful treasures out of things that might otherwise be considered obsolete. 

Me, circa 1976