Meet Adjowah, the owner of The Weekend Store

I don’t come from a family of great gift-givers.


Don’t get me wrong - I was loved, and as a child, I was showered with an abundance of toys and clothes and stuff for Christmases and birthdays; but as I grew older, and developed more of my own distinct interests and personality, it’s like they didn’t know me. Sure, special occasions were marked with joyful celebrations including food and gifts, but I usually felt like they were gifts that could have been for anyone. Not for the uniquely individual Adjowah.

 And so, I learned by example, of what not to do. Instead of gifting something simply nice, or expensive, or trendy - I learned to take note of the little things people say, notice the colors they gravitate toward, the icons they love - and then gift them with items that reflect who they truly are. Over the years, I became a really good gift giver.

The Weekend Store was born from a deep desire to provide not just a good gift, but the perfect gift. Over the years our collection has grown from typewriter key jewelry to an extensive selection of thoughtfully curated pieces crafted by our in-house production team. The Weekend Store offers a progressively designed, hand-made collection of exceptional home goods, clothing, and accessories for people who celebrate individuality, champion social justice, and appreciate wit.

 Every design we carry incorporates elements of innovation & creativity. Our collection includes gifts that:

Serve a purpose

Center feminists, BIPOC, and LGBT+ communities

Are handmade with incomparable craftsmanship

Use unusual, reclaimed, or recycled materials


Thanks for checking us out!